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5 Tips For Cooler Weather Workouts In Louisville

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Fall is in full swing in the Louisville area. If you’re an outdoor workout junkie, you may not feel all that excited about it. Just like your wardrobe, your exercise routine may require some modifications in order to help transition your workouts in Louisville to cooler weather. Of course you don’t want to stay cooped up indoors all fall and winter and skip your workouts, so read on to learn about a few ways to help you transition your workouts to stay fit all season long.

1. Stay on top of the weather forecast. – Fall (and even winter) in the southeast usually don’t come with endless frigid days. Chances are there will be some fairly comfortable days sprinkled in throughout the season. Your best bet to take advantage of these unseasonably warm days is to keep a close watch on the weather forecast. Make note of the upcoming days in which outdoor workouts in Louisville would be ideal based on temperature fluctuations and plan accordingly to take full advantage.

2. Exercise midday. – Since weather can change in the blink of an eye, it might not be enough to stay abreast of the weekly forecast. A pretty safe bet while earmarking those warmer days in transitioning your workouts in Louisville to cooler weather is to plan your outdoor exercise sessions during the typically warmest part of the day – midday. This is especially true if you’re used to an outdoor exercise routine. If your work schedule gets in the way, maybe try utilizing your lunch break for some outdoor active time or save the meat of your workouts for your days off.

3. Wear the right workout clothes. – When you exercise, your body temperature is on the rise. Whether you’re running, walking, or strength training outside, it’s important to plan your workout attire accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to wear clothing that will be comfortable if it were 10 degrees warmer than the actual outside temperature. Also, when temps start to fall, it’s time to lose those oversized shirts and leggings to help transition your workouts in Louisville to cooler weather in Louisville. Begin wearing tighter exercise clothes. Fitness experts recommend wearing tighter yet comfortable apparel during the fall and winter seasons.

4. Change up your routine. – No matter what season it is, switching up your exercise routine can help you easily transition your workouts in Louisville to cooler weather. Having your body adapt to the same level of movement each day can become boring and may even stunt continued results. The change of seasons can be an excellent time to “jolt” your body with some new twists to your workouts. If you’re getting bored and unmotivated, it’s most definitely time to switch things up. For instance, if you’ve been running all summer, try adding in some strength training. Or maybe try out a new group class or even personal training sessions instead.

5. Don’t forget about the gym. – If you’re just not willing to deal with the temperatures outside to transition your workouts in Louisville to adjust to cooler weather, then you may want to consider joining a gym. If you can’t get outside to do your workout routine, most gyms have an equivalent discipline that can provide the same results. Just consult with a physical trainer at the gym of your choice and ask them to guide you on the best ways to meet your personal workout quota.

6. Stay hydrated. – Even though the temperatures are cooler and you may not be sweating as much compared to if you were working out during the summer, it’s still important to stay properly hydrated before and after your workout. Drink plenty of water to ensure your body is getting the ample liquids it needs to stay healthy and energized all season long.

We’re here to help when you’re ready to adjust your workouts in Louisville to cooler weather.

Good health and wellness involve daily conscious efforts despite what the outdoor thermometer may say. By following these pointers and maybe incorporating some innovative ideas of your own, you can successfully adjust your workouts in Louisville and stay the course of true well-being. If ever you need any help on your journey, our wellness team is always ready to offer all the tools you need to succeed. Feel free to reach out to us at (502) 618-0995 learn more or click here to schedule your consultation.

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