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Nourishing Your Hair from the Inside Out

Prioritize Hair Wellness at Vibrant Med Spa


Our hair restoration program combines in-office treatments and at-home care, tailored for both men and women, to stimulate follicle regeneration and promote hair growth and thickness. This approach includes: 

  • A mix of professional in-office treatments and a personalized at-home regimen, offering a comprehensive solution to hair revitalization. 
  • The use of Anteage serum leverages the latest advancements in hair follicle science. This serum employs specialized techniques to utilize bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell cultures, creating a conditioned media that targets the Wnt-1a pathway, a key factor in hair growth. It is enriched with twelve bio-identical growth factors and cytokines, each selected for its proven effectiveness in stimulating hair follicles, making it a cutting-edge solution for hair health.
  • Integration of Nutrafol supplements, designed to support hair growth from within by nourishing your body with essential nutrients for optimal hair health.
Hair Restoration Treatments Louisville

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