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5 Tips to Combat Dry Skin in the Winter

Dry Skin Blog Louisville

Dry Skin Blog Louisville

Colder weather doesn’t have to ravage your skin! Follow these steps to beat those dry skin woes all winter long!

Just as your wardrobe changes with the onset of cold weather, so should your skincare routine. As winter drags on, the cold temperatures and bone-dry air can wreak havoc on your delicate skin. That’s why it’s so important to step up your skincare game and make sure you have the right kind of hydration to avoid dull, itchy, sandpapery skin. If you’re unsure of where to begin, here are some helpful tips to ensure your skin is spared the not-so-fun effects Mother Nature tends to dish out this time of year.

 Why taking care of your skin in winter is so important:

Taking care of your skin on a daily basis should be as important as eating regular nutritious food. After all, your skin is the outward expression of your inner health and well-being. In the winter months, a little extra effort is typically necessary to help ward off the moisture-zapping effects of the often frigid temps. Skin that hasn’t been taken care of properly will (sooner than later) show the early signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, as well as display a lackluster complexion that’ll make you look tired or like you’re feeling under the weather.

Tip 1: Upgrade your daily moisturizer.

Your skin’s thirst for proper moisture is much more apparent in cooler weather than it is during the more humid days of summer. Due to the lack of moisture in the air, you’ll want to change out your regular moisturizer for a thicker, more hydrating option, especially at night.

It’s best to avoid moisturizers that contain fragrances or dyes as these may irritate your skin further. If you’re unsure which products to switch to, reach out to your skincare specialist for recommendations based on your individual skin type.

A couple of trusted products we absolutely love for dry skin this time of year are Neocutis® Lumiere Riche and Obagi® Hydrate Luxe for extra winter protection from the harsh dry air.

Tip 2: Add a humidifier to your home.

The dry, winter air sucks the moisture right out of your skin. You can combat this by adding some moisture back in the air with an in-home humidifier. Heat is naturally very drying to the skin, and the best way to keep indoor air hydrated is by using a humidifier. Simply put, humidifiers increase air hydration levels by releasing moisture into the environment.

Low humidity levels (humidity is the measure of how much water vapor is in the air) reduce the skin’s natural moisture barrier, which leads to flaking, peeling, itching, and cracking. Humidifiers help combat those unwanted effects. Just make sure to clean your humidifier regularly, preferably every week if you use it often, as they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. We like this option for small spaces such as the bedroom or office space!

Tip 3: Treat your skin to a HydraFacial.

HydraFacials are fantastic for cleaning, nourishing, and hydrating your winter dry skin. That’s why this treatment is considered one of our winter staples. A HydraFacial uses gentle cyclonic water exfoliation to effectively remove dead skin and other debris that robs your skin of its natural glow. When combined with cleansing serums, the cyclone exfoliation provides a light peel that smooths skin even further. What’s even more beneficial for winter-ravaged skin, the facial hydrates with intense moisturizers to quench the skin, plus fuse and protect it with antioxidants and peptides.

Tip 4: Protect your skin with antioxidants.

Not only are antioxidants essential for protecting our bodies and overall health from the damaging effects of free radicals in our environment, they’re also necessary to protect and replenish dry skin when fallen temperatures pack a wallop. Antioxidants give those plundering free radicals the boot and help defend your skin cells from any further ill effects. One of our top picks for providing ample antioxidant protection is the ZO® Skin Health Daily Power Defense, which contains a powerhouse blend of antioxidants that are a must-have to remedy dry skin.

Tip 5: IV hydration for wellness inside and out.

One surefire way to provide your skin with the hydration it craves when the cold winds blow is to take care of it from within. An IV Hydration treatment is just what the doctor ordered to give your whole body a boost this winter, with the visible results showing up first and foremost in your skin. IV therapy rapidly delivers plentiful hydration and nutrients directly into the bloodstream without routing them through your digestive system. That means a 100% absorption rate and immediate health benefits…not to mention restored, rejuvenated skin.

 Take care of your winter skin with the help of your Louisville Med Spa!

Winter isn’t the most popular season for a number of reasons, especially for what it does to your skin. But by following these helpful hints, you can sail through the colder months with the smooth, supple skin you deserve. And if you need any extra help, just give us a call at (502) 618-0995 to schedule a free consultation.

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