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Lip Fillers – A Growing Trend for Women in Their 20s!

Lip Filler Louisville


Plump, full, luscious lips are all the rage these days. Surprisingly, the greatest number of people electing to have lip augmentation procedures are women in their 20s. But why this heightened demand in an age group where “age” hasn’t really even shown up in the skin yet?

First of all, even though the lips eventually fall prey to the ravages of time like the rest of your skin, some people just have naturally thin or distorted lips thanks to genetics. Aside from that fact, there are two other plausible explanations for the lip filler frenzy.

The first is that more celebrities have recently taken part in lip augmentation procedures and subsequently shared their results through social media. Take a celeb like Kylie Jenner (who is also in her 20s) for example. After showing off her new, sexy, plump lips, droves of 20-somethings apparently flocked to follow suit.

The other explanation is that treatment is simply much more widely available than it was a few years ago. In fact, there are more FDA-approved fillers on the market these days than ever before. Some might even say that lip filler procedures are becoming as common as getting your hair dyed!

Because of their recent popularity, lip fillers have become quite a lucrative business. Even non-med spa providers are jumping on the bandwagon to offer some type of lip injection services at their practices, such as dentists, ophthalmologists, and ob-gyns.

Though there are a host of lip fillers on the market, the most popular are made with hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural compound found in the body. The HA binds with the tissues in the lips, attracting water and expanding to produce a more subtle, natural look that lasts up to 12 months, sometimes longer. HA has less potential for adverse reactions as opposed to other types of lip fillers out there. Perhaps that’s another contributing factor for a growing trend in the younger-than-usual patient opting for the lip-plumping procedure.

In the right hands, lip fillers are generally safe and effective. But, whether you’re 20 or 100, you definitely want to do your research and make sure to choose an experienced, reputable provider as any injectable treatment can pose potential risks. Not to mention you don’t want your lips to look overfilled and unnatural like you just lost a fight with a beehive.

The bottom line is that you want to go for subtlety because some procedures can leave lips looking a bit overdone. One hot new product recently approved by the FDA and known for looking and feeling more natural than other fillers is Restylane® Kysse. Vibrant Med Spa in Crestwood, KY is actually the first practice in the state to carry this revolutionary new filler. We also have all the knowledge and expertise to ensure your beautiful lips are in the safest of hands.

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