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How to Prepare For Your Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Are you considering laser hair removal? We all know just how frustrating shaving or waxing our unwanted hair can be.

Whether it’s razor burn, ingrown hairs or a burn from hot wax, it’s easy to see why the art of removing unwanted hair can be so defeating. Three days after a costly wax, the hair along our bikini line is back and you’re ready to shout in frustration from the rooftops.

This is why a growing percentage of the population has turned to the wonders of laser hair removal. Not only does this method effectively delay hair growth, but it also strives to permanently stop hair growth altogether.

So, how can you prepare for your first laser hair removal appointment? Read on to discover everything you need to know and what goes into getting ready for laser hair removal. We’re also going to touch on what you can expect after your first laser hair removal appointment.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

So, what exactly is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a long-term means of removing unwanted hair from the body. It can be directed towards nearly any area of the body and it has the ability to zone in on very specific and targeted areas.

Instead of using a razor or hot wax, a laser is used to destroy the hair follicle. This laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. From here, the light is converted to heat which destroys the hair follicles that produce hair.

Of those that have tried laser hair removal, most report a 90% permanent reduction in their hair growth. In order to gain the full effects, the majority of patients will have to book multiple appointments. With every appointment, patients can expect to see a further reduction in their hair growth.

Find the Right Treatment Specialist

First things first, it’s essential to book your laser hair removal with the right office.

Nowadays, there’s an influx of offices that offer laser hair removal services. When choosing your provider, it’s important to consider that not all laser treatments are created equal.

When browsing online, you’ll notice that many providers will offer laser hair removal at a drastically reduced rate. While this might be enticing at first, it’s important to note that these services are unlikely to yield the same results as a dedicated office.

Instead, be prepared to pay a fair price for your laser hair removal. This will ensure that you’re working with a high-quality specialist as well as a high-quality laser itself.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

At the end of the day, laser hair removal isn’t going to work for everyone.

The truth is, some people are better candidates for laser hair removal than others. For example, patients with dark hair and light skin are generally the best candidates for laser hair removal.

This is why scheduling an initial consultation with your laser hair removal specialist is so important. This should be done ever before you book your first appointment.

Here, you can learn whether or not you’re a good candidate for such a process. However, it’s also a good opportunity to get to know the clinic and learn more about the laser hair removal process. Lastly, you outline any medications that you’re on and inquire about how this might affect your results.

Remember, laser hair removal is a long process. You want to ensure that your specialist is the right fit for you and that you’re in a safe and comfortable environment.

Limit Your Exposure to the Sun

Now that you’ve booked your first appointment, it’s time to limit your exposure to the sun.

While total avoidance isn’t crucial, it’s best to minimize the time in which your skin is exposed to the sun. Not only does this mean time spent outside, but it also means avoiding tanning beds altogether. When your skin is sunburnt or even slightly tanned, this increases the potential of irritation or blistering from the laser.

This is why shading the anticipated area from the sun is so important. This is especially true for those that have sensitive skin. Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen and avoid self-tanner for the weeks prior to your first appointment.

Avoid Any and All Skin Irritants

Before your first appointment, you’ll want to ensure that you’re avoiding any and all skin irritants. This could be anything from moisturizer and makeup to self-tanners and specialized creams.

The chemicals present in these products could irritate the skin and make the process less effective. It’s also possible that the chemicals could be hypersensitive to the laser and make the process more painful.

Limitations After Your Appointment

While you may be eager to showcase those hairless legs, remember that patience is a virtue. Following your appointment, there are certain activities and routines that you simply must avoid for 24-hours. This includes:

  • Swimming
  • Bathing
  • Showering
  • Sun exposure
  • Exercising
  • Saunas

Avoiding these activities is crucial because the heat from the laser remains in your skin for up to 24-hours. Any activity that involves water or sweat is going to encourage a warm environment for bacteria to grow in. After laser hair removal, this bacteria could lead to infection or spotting.

Booking Your Next Appointments

We all know just how exciting laser hair removal is!

When you see just how effective even your first session of laser hair removal is, you’re going to want to get started on your next session right away. But, it’s important to remind yourself that laser hair removal is a long-term process.

In general, patients can expect to wait between 4 and 6 weeks between appointments. Remember, you need to give your hair enough time to regrow in order for the laser to target the follicle. With this, it’s always beneficial to pre-book all of your appointments in advance.

However, some areas of the body do experience faster hair growth cycles. These are areas such as the underarms or the bikini line. For these areas, it may be possible to book your appointments at a more rapid rate.

The Art of Laser Hair Removal

We all know the trials and tribulations of removing unwanted body hair.

Whether it’s shaving our legs to showcase that new skirt or waxing our bikini line in preparation for a day at the beach, the art of removing unwanted body hair is an undeniable chore. Despite this, more than 99% of American women report removing unwanted body hair.

Fortunately, times are changing when it comes to hair removal. Just as shaving and waxing were once the go-to methods, a growing number of men and women are opting for laser hair removal.

Not only does laser hair removal promise a more permanent solution, but it also has the ability to target nearly any area of the body. This could be anything from legs and underarms to an upper lip or even a chin.

If you’ve been on the fence about laser hair removal, it’s officially time to treat yourself! Before your first appointment, be sure to use the above guide to teach you everything you need to know in terms of preparation.

Are you ready to book your first appointment or learn if you’re the right candidate? If so, be sure to contact us today!

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