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How to Prepare for a Microneedling Procedure

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A microneedling study showed that around 80% of participants saw an improvement in their scaring after a microneedling procedure. Almost 100% of participants saw other skin improvements.

Louiseville Med Spa provides a great place to get this skincare procedure done. Many people use microneedling to improve their skin tone and the appearance of scars.

There are certain things that you need to do before and after microneedling.

Keep reading to find out what is microneedling at our Louisville Med Spa and how to prepare.

Don’t Shave or Wax

When getting a microneedling procedure done, it is very important to not shave or wax the area. Shaving and waxing can both be irritating to the skin. There is also no need to remove hair before microneedling unless it is very dense in that area.

If this is something that is concerning to you, you can shave the area a day or two before the procedure. This will give your skin enough time to calm down before microneedling.

Although microneedling itself is completely safe, it can be slightly irritating. That is why it is important to avoid doing anything irritating to your skin before your procedure.

Avoid Skin Irritants

Aside from waxing or shaving, there are other skin irritants that you want to avoid and protect your skin from. You should avoid any laser procedures until a week or two after the procedure is done.

Sun exposure can also be very irritating to the skin and should be avoided. If you are using sunscreen, that should protect your skin, but you should still avoid excessive sun exposure.

Your microneedling procedure will not be able to be done if you have a sunburn. This puts your skin in a very vulnerable and irritating state that is not ideal for any procedure.

The area where you are having the procedure done should also be free of any injuries. You do not want any broken areas of skin or other areas like cold sores or rashes.

No Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Part of Louisville Med Spa microneedling involves the skin‘s natural inflammatory process. Because of this, it is important to not take anti-inflammatory medication.

You should avoid these types of medications three days before your procedure. They can interfere with your skin’s inflammatory process which is necessary for rejuvenation.

Part of why microneedling works are that it does create an inflammatory response. This is not a bad thing as it helps to invigorate your skin so that the procedure is a success.

If you require anti-inflammatory medication for some reason, you should disclose this at the Med Spa in Louisville. An expert will be able to give you advice on what to take instead.

Avoid Sensitive Topical Treatments

Part of microneedling prep is avoiding topical products that could make your skin sensitive. This could include a wide variety of skincare products that should be avoided.

The most common topical treatments that you should avoid are things like retinoids, exfoliants, and acids. These can all be very irritating and can interfere with the process of microneedling.

These types of topical treatments should be avoided a week before your treatment. They also shouldn’t be used after you have had the microneedling done.

Your skin will be sensitive for a time, and you do not want to further irritate it. That is why any harsh skin care products should be avoided for several days afterward.

Have a Clean Face

When you go to get your microneedling procedure done, you need to have a clean face. You will want to wash your face with a gentle cleanser before going in.

It is best if you do not wear any makeup when you go to your appointment. But if that cannot be avoided, prepare to completely remove your makeup before having your procedure done.

Your skin should also be free of any lotions, perfumes, or other skin care products. Microneedling requires a blank slate, so you want your skin to be clean and fresh.

Microneedling Aftercare

Before and after microneedling are both very important processes. You want to make sure you have prepped for this procedure properly as well as care for your skin afterward.

After your treatment is done, you should give your skin a rest from any topical treatments. Avoid harsh face wash, hot water, or makeup so that your skin can heal and breathe.

It is also important to avoid direct sunlight that could irritate your skin further. Only minimal skincare should be done to keep your skin clean but not irritated any further.

One of our specialists at the Louisville Med Spa will explain this to you before your procedure. This way, you will know exactly what to expect afterward and how to care for your skin.

Preparing for Louisville Med Spa Microneedling

If you are going to get microneedling done at Louisville Med Spa, you may be wondering how to prepare. There are several things that you should avoid doing before having this procedure done.

Microneedling is a safe and effective procedure, but you do need to prepare for it. Especially since this can be irritating to the skin, and you do not want to create any more irritation.

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