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How to Make the Best of Social Distancing

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Social distancing seems to be the phrase on everyone’s lips these days. While many of us are experiencing less interaction with other people and spending a bit more time at home, it’s a great opportunity to focus on the positives of the situation and come up with ways to best utilize the extra downtime.

Perhaps it’s the perfect time to incorporate some fun, healthy habits to pass the hours and stave off dreaded boredom. Here are just a few great ideas to get you started on an even healthier, immune-boosting journey today.

Focus on Your Health with Vitamins.
Our bodies need many essential vitamins to perform in tip-top shape. If we get the right amount of all the vitamins we need, we feel better and even look better. Though the best way to get the daily recommended amounts is through diet, even the healthiest eaters can be deficient. And let’s be honest, if you’ve stocked your pantry to prepare for a few extra days or weeks at home, chances are the food supply features more quick, processed meals rather than other highly nutritious options. Some more common vitamin deficiencies are in vitamins B, C & D. A vitamin B complex supports several key functions of the body, including cell health, energy levels, good digestion, and healthy brain function, among others; vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system and the body’s ability to repair damaged tissue; and vitamin D is important for bone health and in warding off depression. Consider a supplement in any of these valuable vitamins if your diet leaves something to be desired, but be sure and consult with your physician before starting any new supplement regimen.

Go on a Hike.
Gather your family (or go by yourself) and find a great place in nature to take a hike. You don’t have to have a backpack full of gear like you’re about to scale the Alps. Just wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, pack some water and snacks, and head out on your adventure. National parks have a lot of great resources on safe places to hike. Even community parks often feature great walking trails. If you choose to hike alone, be sure and let someone know exactly where you plan to be and when you will be back.

Spend Time with Family.
So, you’re cooped up in the house with the family. The time seems to be dragging and the kids are getting bored and antsy. Instead of trying to suffer separately in the same household, try dusting off some of those old board games or pack of playing cards and gather around the table for some family fun. You’ll be amazed at how it lifts everyone’s spirits and helps the time fly by. You could even add a more active element by tossing a ball or frisbee around outside or playing a game of tag.

Stay Active.
Just because you’re spending a little more time at home doesn’t mean it has to be spent parked on the couch in front of the TV with a bag of chips. Staying active and getting regular exercise is one sure-fire path to optimal health at any time, and you don’t have to have the latest gym equipment to do it. Go for a brisk walk in the neighborhood, do some jumping jacks or pushups, practice some yoga poses, or even dance in the living room to your favorite music. Any physical activity that gets your heart rate up for a period of time burns calories and helps to boost your immune system, not to mention your mood.

Get Some Rest.
We all know sleep is essential for our overall health, but so many of us are deprived of regular restful sleep. Lack of sleep can have negative effects on the body’s growth and stress hormones, immune system, appetite, breathing, and cardiovascular health. It can also make your skin dull and more prone to premature aging. While we sleep, our body’s hydration rebalances. Skin recovers moisture while excess water is removed. Lack of sleep results in poor water balance that leads to puffy bags and circles under the eyes. So be sure and take advantage of a little downtime these days to take a nap to look and feel your best.

When it comes to filling up your extra time with healthy habits, the list goes on and on with plenty of options to ensure you and your family re-enter your normal routines soon feeling and looking like a million bucks!

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