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Healthy Snacks On-The-Go!

Healthy Snacks

Healthy SnacksBy Ashley Wilhoite, BSN, RN, Wellness Director

Do you remember the stash of goodies you were sure to find somewhere deep inside your mom’s or grandmother’s purse during your childhood? My grandmother always carried snacks in her purse and in her car. Those snacks usually consisted of some type of sweet candy or highly processed snacks. I like the thought of being prepared but would definitely suggest reaching for some type of healthier alternative. That’s where I come in!

If you want to combat energy crashes while providing nutrition with eccentric taste in a healthy snack option, then you have come to the right place. Of course, fresh fruits and veggies are always a great option to hydrate and stay healthy. But for those of you who want to switch things up a bit, I have some great suggestions. Sorry, I didn’t physically bring the snacks today, but I can certainly help you find something easy, delicious, AND nutritious!

Below are some of my favorite on-the-go snacks that are super easy to just throw into your purse or briefcase. Most of these goodies are packed with protein, which is sure to keep you satisfied for hours. What’s even better is there’s no added sugar! Also, most of them are Whole30 approved:

  • Epic Bars
  • Bunny James- Carrot sticks
  • Eden- Pumpkin seeds
  • Dang- Coconut Chips
  • The Original- L’Original Sea Snax
  • Freedom Bar
  • 4Thand Heart
  • Justin’s-Cashew and Almond butter
  • Jana Banana
  • Gorilly Goods
  • Mission Meats
  • Wonderful Pistachios
  • RX Bar

See, lots of great options! Happy snacking!

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