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Grit and Glory Blog

By Ashley Wilhoite, BSN, RN, Wellness Director

We all desire that higher version of ourselves, but what are we willing to sacrifice to get there?

Surely there’s a health and wellness pill I can take in the morning and I’ll be good to go, right? Well, if I chose to eat healthier a few days a week then maybe I will start to see the results that I so desperately want and need, right? Uhhhhhh, nope!! No no no, people! Health and wellness can be achieved, but it’s going to take work, not wishful thinking!

Have you ever stood at the base of a mountain and thought to yourself how beautiful the view must be when you finally reach the peak? Just this past weekend, my family and I took a trip to the mountains. As we searched for different trails to hike on the day we were scheduled to depart, we focused on the mileage and the time it would take to reach our destination. There were many factors that went into our decision. We couldn’t do a longer trail because we were leaving that day and had time restraints, so we chose the trail that was a little less than a mile. “Well, good”, we thought to ourselves. “We will have a short hike and still be able to reap the benefits of a breathtaking view to be found at the top!” As we started along the path, we quickly found that even though the trail was shorter, the trek was a little steeper than we anticipated!

Much like my family and I did with our hike, many of us tend to look at the “map” to health and wellness and think to ourselves, “Which way can I take to still get the results I want but not do all of the work?” Even though we chose the shorter route on our hike, we ended up having to climb steeper hills, navigate over tree roots, and had to sweat a little in order to get to the top and see the breathtaking view we desired. Yes, we still had to work hard, but we did not regret it! The path to health and wellness can be very similar – the road may be a little less than glamorous, but the results are worth it!

If you want to achieve results that can be sustained, we are here to guide and navigate you on your own unique trail to health and wellness.

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