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5 Reasons Brow Lamination in Louisville Can Help You Raise Eyebrows With Your New Look

brow lamination in louisville

Perms can help manage unruly hair and keep you from having bad hair days. But have you ever had a “bad eyebrow day,” and wondered what you can do? 

Many of us wrestle with unruly or thinning eyebrows that can impact our whole eye look. When you feel like you’ve tried everything, consider a brow lamination—a “perm” for your brows.

Brow Lamination in Louisville smooths and lifts hair in a more vertical direction, using a special lifting cream that makes hair more manageable. Then we use a nourishing oil that replenishes moisture, giving you smoother, fuller brows that behave much better and have a “gel” look that lasts for weeks. 

Brow Lamination in Louisville has a number of advantages:

You have more makeup options.
Fuller, richer brows mean that the rest of your eye makeup stands out more. You can do more with shadow, lashes, and color. Instead of struggling to get more depth from your brows, you’re free to concentrate on making your eyes really stand out. 

If you’ve over-plucked, this is a quick way to recover.
If you goof, you don’t have to draw brows back in or wait for them to grow it. Brow lamination restores fullness in one setting, and it lasts for weeks. We show you techniques to keep your new look lasting and fresh during your appointment.

People will notice. You’ll turn heads. 
Clients who have brow lamination report that they get great reactions from spouses, significant others, and friends. People may not know what you’ve done, but they can see the dramatic difference in your look. You may be surprised at how many people comment on the new you. 

If you don’t like it, it’s not forever. 
Like a perm, brow lamination eventually fades out. Brow lamination results typically last about two months (similar to a traditional perm).  So if for some reason, you’re not into your new look, it’ll revert back over time.

It’s very affordable—especially for the impact it makes.
But if you’re like the vast majority of our brow lamination clients and love your new look, you’ll also be happy with the price. Brow lamination is surprisingly affordable. Wake up every day for weeks with thick, gorgeous brows for only $70! In some cases, clients tell us it’s about the same cost as quality eyebrow makeup over the long run. 

Want to know more about brow lamination in Louisville? Our Brow Treatment page tells you more. And if you’re ready to schedule an appointment, click here

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