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5 Tips To Keep Your Wellness Journey On Track This Thanksgiving



By Ashley Wilhoite, BSN, RN, Wellness Director

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Whether you are spending time with family or just with a few guests, there are ways to ensure your Thanksgiving Holiday isn’t full of regret. I promise, if you try a couple of these tips, you will be less likely to feel let-down by some of the lack of restraint during the Holiday season. Just don’t overindulge. We are human, and we will have the pumpkin pie, and sometimes we have the pumpkin pie and the turkey leg!!

Here are 5 tips that will make your holiday a little healthier:

  • Move your body! Whether you take a walk or quick workout, any movement is better than none and will help you burn calories and increase your deficit for the day!
  • Portion Control – I know, easier said than done! If you want to have some pumpkin pie or your all-time favorite cornbread stuffing that you can’t turn down because it’s the only time your aunt makes it a year, then portion control your plate!
  • Healthy Options – Not hosting Thanksgiving this year? It’s all right; offer to bring a healthier option for a side dish. You can always pair it with some turkey, and you won’t be robbing your calorie count for the day.
  • Take it easy on the alcohol – If you know you will consume more food than usual because Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday, then be sure to limit your alcohol intake. Liquid calories are still calories, even on Thanksgiving!
  • Enjoy your family and be present – Easier said than done, right?! Seriously though, folks, life is too short, so enjoy the time that you have with the ones you love the most.

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