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5 Tips for Weight Loss in Louisville

weight loss in louisville

Weight Loss in Louisville

At Vibrant Med, we work with lots of Louisville and North Central Kentucky patients on weight loss, and there’s one emotion that many have with they come to us: Frustration. They’ve tried numerous attempts at weight loss in the past, with limited success. And for many people, weight loss can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be impossible.

Our wellness director, Ashley Wilhoite, has made weight loss and wellness focal points of our business. She makes a point to work personally with every patient who comes to us for weight loss in Louisville assistance, and she has five tips that she provides to help them on their journey. These include:

Set a Plan
For truly effective weight loss that lasts, you need a plan that is personalized for your situation. That includes taking your goals into account, along with how your body responds to food, exercise, mental state, and overall wellness. Many people can see short-term weight loss with some techniques, but gain it back long term, and then have to repeat a cycle. 

With the right plan, you can avoid this. So that’s the first step with patients at Vibrant Med Spa is a private consultation where we help you assess your situation and create a path forward. An effective plan requires honesty, but it is also a chance to build your enthusiasm, as we help you see what’s possible with the right strategy.

Use The Science
Especially in recent years, there has been a lot of study on what truly works with weight loss, and while many different companies promote different approaches, there is solid science in the background, and our team at Vibrant Med help you understand it and how it applies to you. 

The science includes creating the right environment to start your weight loss program. We give you a jump start with a seven-day detox period that prepares you for your fresh approach to wellness and life. We also do bloodwork so that we have a clear picture of your personal needs for vitamins, nutrients, and other factors that affect your metabolism. This can amplify your success—and create the mental environment you need for success.

Discipline, Not Depravation
One obstacle that affects many people who don’t have the weight loss success that they desire is the feeling that they’re losing something—that they must deprive themselves of foods they used to enjoy or that they must abandon something. That’s not the case. With the right plan, you can still enjoy some treats and some “breaks” in your diet or exercise regimen. But just as important is the fact that we help you work through the mental aspect—that you are giving up something. You’re changing, to be sure, but you’re adding much more than you’re taking away. 

Be Realistic
Effective weight loss is often an evolution rather than a transformation—that is, until one day you take a look and see the amazing progress you’ve made. 

That’s part of the plan we help you create. We help you see how the small gains you make at first are part of what builds with time. This lets you understand that you ARE making progress, and that you’re doing what you need to do. Your personalized plan is a road map for helping you meet your goals. The right plan doesn’t give you false expectations. It gives you the power to succeed.

Embrace Your New Life
As your Vibrant Med weight loss plan works, you’ll notice that you can have more energy, feel better about yourself, and can try new things. Our plan helps you take full advantage of the new opportunities you’ve created for yourself, and helps you incorporate long-term habits and practices that allow you to maintain your weight loss success. You’ll understand what you’ve earned for yourself—and how to enjoy it.

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