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Get a health “reboot” by detoxing the right way with Core Restore!

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Get a health “reboot” by detoxing the right way with Core Restore!

We live in a fast-paced world in which our bodies are subject to more toxins than ever before. That’s primarily thanks to a combination of poor diet, exposure to environmental pollutants, and constant high stress. Fortunately, there are effective ways to metaphorically press the “reset” button on our health and rid our bodies of these toxins that can potentially wreak havoc on our well-being and drain our energy levels. When practiced the right way, the act of detoxing can improve overall health and promote healthy weight loss. And detoxing has come a long way from meaning you have to suffer through depriving yourself for days on end.

One successful, sustainable method of detoxing is through the Core Restore Program at Vibrant Med. The goal of this comprehensive program is to effectively promote the removal of excess toxins and revitalize your body’s own natural detoxification process. This will help create a better internal environment for good health and prevent future toxin buildup so you can maintain a more healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

It’s much more than just a diet—it’s a proven system that supports healthy eating and lifestyle changes to elevate wellness and maintain your journey on the path toward optimal health. The 7-day diet, lifestyle, and nutrient program will support your liver’s ability to remove toxins that have built up over time and even help you shed a few extra pounds.

In addition to the weight loss, you’ll also likely find that your energy, sleep, and mood gradually improve. Also, chronic problems like joint pain, digestive issues, headaches, brain fog, sinus and allergy issues, and even some skin conditions will improve or maybe even disappear altogether.

The following products are available at Vibrant Med to help you on your detoxing journey:

Core Restore’s strategic system provides three active formulas–CORE Support, Alpha Base, and PhytoCore—that all work together to support effective liver detoxification. Each kit also includes a step-by-step guide to ensure you get the full benefits from detoxing.

So, if you’re feeling sluggish lately and want to beef up your “A” game, the Core Restore Program might be exactly what you’ve been searching for to feel rejuvenated and ready to meet all your health improvement goals!

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